Damnationland The Music

In addition to our annual film offerings, Damnationland is also proud to present DAMNATIONLAND: MUSIC FOR THE WICKED, a series of soundtracks comprised of original works from among the best musical talent Maine has to offer. All the included songs were either specifically composed for Damnationland films, or were recorded specifically for the soundtracks themselves.

For the 2016 Damnationland program, we have issued the sequel “MUSIC FOR THE WICKED VOL. II”, a new spine-tingling collection of tracks in a dazzling variety of spooky styles. It includes songs by Superorder, John Hughes Radio, The Tarantula Brothers, Eyeball, Colleen Clark & Micromassé, Fat Knuckle Freddy, Rob Mitchell and Leif Sherman Curtis, The Veil Drops, Johnny Cremains, Greg Jamie with Aleric Nez, Christine Louise Marshall and Adam Miele, and Anthony Lusk-Simone:

For the 2015 program, we issued our very first soundtrack. It includes exclusive works from Remy Brecht, Brzowski (with C Money Burns), Bully Mammoth, Rene Coolbrith and Jeff Chipman, Covered in Bees, Crash Cobra, Stewart Engesser, Phantom Buffalo, Pray for the Steel (featuring Hannah Harleen and RJ Wilson), Sara Hallie Richardson, ShaShaSha, Thee Icepicks, and Shriekback:

The vast majority of the songs on both volumes were recorded and mixed by Todd Hutchisen at Acadia Recording Company in Portland. The CDs are mastered by Pat Keane of PKM Audio Mastering. The soundtracks are produced by Remy Brecht, Eddy Bolz, and RJ Wilson.

The soundtracks are available at all Bull Moose retail locations as well as on Bandcamp. You can also purchase them right here on our website or at the film screenings themselves. We hope you love these eerie, twisted tracks as much as we do!