Damnationland Damnationland 2013

The official Damnationland 2013 trailer:

This was the lineup for our 2013 program:

NATAL - Directed by Corey Norman

After a recent suicide attempt, three friends bring Carissa to her family’s cabin for a weekend of rest. When she starts hearing scratching in the walls, she begins questioning her own sanity as her world spirals out of control.

PENELOPE; ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WOODS - Directed by Jennifer Widor Smith

A dark fairy tale set in the Maine woods, where evil twists the imagination of a young girl as her older sister gets pulled to the horrors that lurk within.

SYRUP - Directed by Caroline O’Connor and Everett Bunker

What begins as a quaint morning in New England becomes a nightmare over breakfast.

DETOUR - Directed by Gary Robinov and Dean Merrill

A recovering drug addict struggling with anxiety and depression decides to let go of the past and embrace the new person he hopes he can be, when a stranger enters his life. As he tries to stay clean and sober–he realizes he must fight to stay alive.

NATSUKI - Directed by Shehzad Popat

Natsuki, a forsaken Portlander, lives what it means to be damned.