Damnationland Damnationland 2011

The official Damnationland 2011 trailer:

This was the lineup for our 2011 program:

TELEPHOTO - Directed by Jeffrey Griecci

A photographer sees more than she is supposed to in this country cat and city mouse tale of suspense.

AMERICAN WASTE - Directed by Michael Hadley

A disturbing series of animations focusing on the gruesome and sometimes humorous everyday horror of the American dream. Directed by Michael Hadley.

KEEPER’S REFRAIN - Directed by Ben Kahn and Jayson Lobozzo

Tensions build when the pleasant life of a lighthouse keeper is disturbed by his wife obsession with a gift.

ARE YOU THE WALKERS? - Directed by Derek Kimball

This film continues in the spirit of the traditional supernatural folktale. Two men seek to deter a creeping divergence in their friendship by retreating deep into the Maine woods for the weekend. Caught in a sudden and severe blizzard, their relationship unravels as they are visited by a voice that calls to them from the storm.

FORGIVENESS - Directed by David Meiklejohn

A vengeful spy survives an assassination attempt and takes revenge on the man who tried to kill her.