Damnationland Damnationland 2010

The official Damnationland 2010 trailer:

This was the lineup for our 2010 program:

CONSUMPTION - Directed by Nick Poulin and Krister Rollins

A sinister force in the woods turns a couples leisure walk into a living nightmare.

20/20 - Directed by Kate Kaminski, Betsy Carson, and Reggie Burrows Hodges

In 1995, a confederation of software giants released Albert Einstein, the most powerful and intuitive software ever created to facilitate a fully automated global society. By 2005, AE’s analysis component had fully assessed the impact of humans on the planet’s remaining resources and made its first independent decision. AE designed a super virus called 20/20 to penetrate human DNA through radio waves and bring about the total extinction of humankind by the year 2020. Now time is running out for those who haven’t already been affected and a small group of survivors makes their way to a sanctuary rumored to be safe from the affliction.

A BELL IN THE YARD - Directed by Jeff Griecci

Circa 1863, in a Southern Maine town, sixteen-year-old Thomas is beginning his first shift as the new night watchman at the local cemetery. He soon realizes he is in for more than he expected when the veteran sexton Warren explains the special task he must undertake. The recently deceased Hewitt family has been individually buried in state of the art coffins called “safety coffins” designed with a bell signal at the surface of the earth. In the rare case, the bell is there in case the buried return to life. It is Thomas’ job to watch over the Hewitts.

SHAMBLES - Directed by Torrey Alan Johnson

An emotionally distraught man suffers haunting hallucinations that drive him to violence.

LAST CALL - Directed by Christian & Sarah Matzke

The story of an ordinary man who has an epiphany and believes he must perform last rites on zombies because they still have souls. Zombie mayhem in Southern Maine.

UNDONE - Directed by Jeremy Alexander and Dave Camlin

Synopsis coming soon!

HUMORESQUE - Directed by Allen Baldwin and Jayson Lobozzo

Two old enemies battle for the souls of our world. Sam is older, losing his edge, and Ralph is a young and vicious upstart. As Ralph becomes more skilled and more violent, will Sam be able to hold on to his diginity, and maintain his traditions? Or will he be pushed into irrelevance by a new, more violent order?