Damnationland Shannon Meserve Joins 2018 Damnationland Filmmaker Roster

Shannon MeserveIt’s time to announce our filmmakers for 2018. We love this part of the year, because it means we get to talk about all the exciting talented people who will be making films for this year’s Damnationland – people like Shannon Meserve.

Shannon is coming off her hugely popular interstitial film last year – it was the one on the cover of the Phoenix, with bathtubs and drippy moose skulls. We liked it so much we asked her to make a longer piece this year, and she has already started.

Shannon describes her piece for this year’s showcase, entitled IN HIS HOUSE, like this:

“In the tradition of Rosemary’s Baby and Get Out, our film is a psychological horror story exploring the internal nightmare that unfolds when a young woman is forced to confront that her life, her destiny, and her very own body, can be forcibly taken from her. (Timely, no? Ugh.)”

We’re very excited to have this amazing young talent making a movie for Damnationland this year, and you should be too! Go on over to her Gofundme page and give her a little money to show your support!


Stay tuned! We’ll be announcing more filmmakers very soon!