DAMNATIONLAND 2010 DVDdamnationlan2010-copyX2


The 2010 DVD program includes:

— Consumption – directed by Nick Poulin and Krister Rollins
20/20 – directed by Kate Kaminski, Betsy Carson, and Reggie Burrows Hodges
— A Bell in the Yard – directed by Jeff Griecci
— Shambles – directed by Torrey Alan Johnson
— Last Call – directed by Christian and Sarah Matzke
— Undone – directed by Jeremy Alexander and Dave Camlin
— Humoresque – directed by Allen Baldwin and Jayson Lobozzo

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DAMNATIONLAND 2011 DVDDamnationland-20112


The 2011 DVD program includes:

— Telephoto – directed by Jeffrey Griecci
— American Waste – directed by Michael Hadley
— Keeper’s Refrain – directed by Ben Kahn and Jayson Lobozzo
— Are You The Walkers? – directed by Derek Kimball
— Forgiveness – directed by David Meiklejohn

PLUS DVD BONUS FEATURES: director commentaries, behind-the-scenes footage, and more!

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DAMNATIONLAND 2012 DVDDamnationland-2012Xb


The 2012 DVD program includes:

— Merrow – directed by Allen Baldwin
— Parallaxis – directed by Regina Bartholomew
— Carrying Place – directed by The Sisters Grumbling
— Raw Footage – directed by Kyle Rankin
— Raid of the Vomit-Blood Fiends – directed by R.J. Wilson

PLUS DVD BONUS FEATURES: director commentaries, behind-the-scenes footage, cast interviews, and more!

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DAMNATIONLAND 2013 DVDDamnationland-2013b


The 2013 DVD program includes:

-NATAL– directed by Corey Norman
-Penelope; Once Upon A Time In The Woods – directed by Jennifer Widor Smith
-Syrup – directed by Caroline O’Connor and Everett Bunker
-Detour – directed by Gary Robinov and Dean Merrill
-Natsuki – directed by Shehzad Popat

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The 2014 DVD program includes:

Sui Generis — directed by Jenny Anastasoff 
Driver’s Seat — directed by Jason M. Bosch
Dark — directed by Ranin Brown
On a Country Road — directed by Barry Dodd
Tickle — directed by Corey Norman 
Anima Sola — directed by Tom Wyatt 
A Collection of Psychopaths — directed by 

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Get all five years for super cheap. Yikes!


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DAMNATIONLAND 2013 black cotton tshirtDamnationland-t-shirt-black


Black – size small (out of stock): 

Black – size medium (out of stock): 

Black – size large: 

Black – size x-large: 

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DAMNATIONLAND 2013 pink cotton tshirtDamnationland-shirt-pink-copyXb


Pink – small: 

Pink – medium: 

Pink – large: 

Pink – x-large: 


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DAMNATIONLAND 2014 gray hand printed cotton tshirt with Damnationland banner.

High quality cotton, hand printed with a chemical process that makes every shirt unique. Damnationland banner proudly emblazoned across the midriff.



Gray 2014-With Damnationland Banner – small: 

Gray 2014-With Damnationland Banner – medium: 

Gray 2014-With Damnationland Banner – large: 

Gray 2014-With Damnationland Banner – x-large: 

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DAMNATIONLAND 2014 gray hand printed bannerless cotton tshirt.

High quality cotton, hand printed with a chemical process that makes every shirt unique. This shirt is printed without the Damnationland banner for the more esoteric enthusiast.



Gray 2014-Bannerless – small: 

Gray 2014-Bannerless- medium: 

Gray 2014-Bannerless- large: 

Gray 2014-Bannerless- x-large: 

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The CD includes tracks by:

– Remy Brecht, Brzowski (with C Money Burns), Bully Mammoth, Rene Coolbrith and Jeff Chipman, Covered in Bees, Crash Cobra, Stewart Engesser, Phantom Buffalo, Pray for the Steel (featuring Hannah Harleen and RJ Wilson), Sara Hallie Richardson, ShaShaSha, Thee Icepicks, and Shriekback.

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DAMNATIONLAND 2015 Heather V-neck or Deep-V cotton tshirt

The ocean of blood.






Ladies sizes offer a Deep-V neckline and stylish tapered fit.  Men’s sizes rock a hip yet less dramatic V-neck. Both sizes are printed on über soft Heather Oatmeal fabric.  Sizes run small so size up for a looser fit.


Ladies Sizing

2015 Deep V shirt- small: 

2015 Deep V – medium: 

2015 Deep V- large: 

Men’s Sizing

2015  V-Neck shirt- small: 

2015  V-Neck – medium: 

2015  V-Neck- large: 

2015  V-Neck – x-large: 

2015  V-Neck – xx-large: 


Official Damnationland Postcard


Say Hello from the icy reaches just north of Hell. Postcards are Official Postal regulation 4″x6″



Single Postcard: 



Postcard Set of Ten: 



The Way Life Should Bleed