2015 Films

Damnationland 2015 Films:


Here is our lineup for this years program. Keep checking in, more video sneak peaks to come. In the mean time enjoy our Official 2015 trailer.


SNIP– Directed by Jay Brown

Synopsis: An argument between a feuding couple in the seedy, backwoods of Maine goes horribly awry..


WHAT’RE YOU SCARED OF KID? – Directed by Alex Coppola

Synopsis: A docu-memoir about the things that frighten us and how they change over time as we do.

Check out Alex’s filmmaker spotlight here.

NEUROPHREAK – Directed by George Dalphin

Synopsis: A young woman living in a hyper-connected future meets a young man who has developed a method of manipulating the AI system that connects everyone and organizes society.

Check out George’s filmmaker spotlight here.


THE POET– Directed by Erin Enberg

Synopsis: A vampire moves to the city to follow his dreams of becoming a poet–with the help of a vampire hunter posing as a real-estate agent.

Check out Erin Enberg’s spotlight here.


MISANDRY– A film by Krystal Kenville

Synopsis: A young couple on vacation takes a detour through a city that is missing from the map. They stop by to fill up their gas tank when things get complicated.

Check out Krystal’s filmmaker spotlight here.

LAST FLIGHT OF THE FREYA 7– A film by Sarah & Christian Matzke

Synopsis: In the depths of space a fateful encounter between a salvage vessel and the legendary lost ship ‘Freya 7’ exposes a terrible secret.



THWACK – Directed by Andrea Nilosek & Stewart Engesser

Synopsis: Story time at a kids therapy camp gets weird.

Check out Andrea Nilosek’s filmmaker spotlight here, we tried to get Stewart in too but he was busy fighting timberwolves in the arctic circle.



WE ARE THE ONES – Directed by Nathan Oliver

Synopsis: A man moves across the country to escape his past, only to be judged for his sins by the light of the looming lighthouse next door and the demon it summons.


DARKEYED – Directed by Charlotte Royer

Synopsis: An ancient evil haunting a young mans dreams finds it’s way into his waking life.



THERE IS NO ESCAPE FROM…– Directed by Jeff Griecci

Synopsis: Jane, a bored young vacationer, finds a mysterious VHS tape in a cabin in the Maine woods. Dark forces are at work as the tape’s Host leads the young woman deeper into a world of horrors. These interstitial segments are the peanut butter and jelly tying this years shorts into a cohesive program. MMMmmm….delicious.

Check out more about the NO ESCAPE FROM filmmakers below







The Way Life Should Bleed