2014 Films

This year’s Damnationland films represent the wide cinematic range of Maine filmmakers, and some brief info about each film is below.


Sui Generis — directed by Jenny Anastasoff for Dark Farm Films
SYNOPSIS: coming soon

Driver’s Seat — directed by Jason M. Bosch for Red Stallion Media
SYNOPSIS: In the back country roads of Maine, a woman spots a car accident. She stops to help the victim, but quickly discovers that he was involved in more than a mere fender bender.
WATCH: this thrilling music video directed by Jason M. Bosch

Dark — directed by Ranin Brown for Brothers Brown
SYNOPSIS: A man deals with his demons in this unsettling mood piece starring Erik Moody.
WATCH: this awkward short film directed by Ranin Brown

On a Country Road — directed by Barry Dodd
SYNOPSIS: coming soon
WATCH: the Indiegogo video for On a Country Road

Tickle — directed by Corey Norman for Bonfire Films
SYNOPSIS: We all know how 80s horror movies start: a babysitter and a little boy alone in a house. When things go bump in the night, are they the imagination of a scared little boy, or is someone—or some thing—in the house with them?
WATCH: the Kickstarter video for Tickle

Anima Sola — directed by Tom Wyatt for Tasty Dude Films
SYNOPSIS: A lonesome soul attempts to discover how to escape his mind hell.
WATCH: the Kickstarter video for Anima Sola

interstitial vignettes — directed by Through the Door Productions
SYNOPSIS: coming soon

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