After a recent suicide attempt, three friends bring Carissa to her family’s cabin for a weekend of rest. When she starts hearing scratching in the walls, she begins questioning her own sanity as her world spirals out of control.
Bonfire Films
Directed by Corey Norman
Starring Jessica Fratus, Erik, Moody, Andrew Sawyer, and Chara Victoria Gannett

“Penelope; Once Upon A Time In The Woods”
A dark fairy tale set in the Maine woods, where evil twists the imagination of a young girl as her older sister gets pulled to the horrors that lurk within.
Moving Circle Pictures
Directed by Jennifer Widor Smith

Starring Sophey Potter, Jane Ackermann & Robert Logan

What begins as a quaint morning in New England becomes a nightmare over breakfast.
Through The Door Productions
Directed by Caroline O’Connor and Everett Bunker

Starring Anna Gravel and Ranin Brown

A recovering drug addict struggling with anxiety and depression decides to let go of the past and embrace the new person he hopes he can be, when a stranger enters his life. As he tries to stay clean and sober–he realizes he must fight to stay alive.
Merobi Films
Directed by Gary Robinov and Dean Merrill

Starring Brian Chamberlain & Astrea Campbell-Cobb

Natsuki, a forsaken Portlander, lives what it means to be damned.
Titleless Productions
Directed by Shehzad Popat

Starring Salima Ali & Shehzad Popat




A study in the calm terror of the inevitable, “Merrow” tells an otherwordly love story between a man and his mistress of the sea. As their intense relationship winds towards its tragic end, the couple becomes more entwined in a macabre dance of strength, support, and codependence.
Written and directed by Allen Baldwin
Starring Casey Turner and Jeremiah McDonald  

Due to planetary catastrophe, a young couple flees an overpopulated city wrought with panic, social unrest, and murderous intent. They travel to a secluded island searching for solace only to find that physical distance cannot save them from the madness that the universe has bestowed upon the world.
Written and directed by Regina Bartholomew
Cinematography by Marc Bartholomew
Starring Kris Stratos and Crystal Rose Vaccaro  

“Carrying Place”
In a rural township, an aging woman is plagued by a stranger demanding a “blessing” and a “sacrifice.” Inspired by Maine history, “Carrying Place” explores a quiet horror close to home.
Directed by The Sisters Grumbling
Written by Megan Grumbling
Produced by Amy Grumbling
Starring Paul Haley, Michael Howard, and Deborah Paley 

“Raw Footage”
There are no places to obtain supplies or get help on the ‘100 Mile Wood’ section of the Appalachian Trail in northern Maine. This raw footage tape is the property of the Bangor Police Homicide Division, and part of an ongoing murder investigation.
Written and directed by Kyle Rankin
Starring Jamie Tisdale, Wayne Alon Scott, Nate Aldrich, and Rob O’Malley 

“Raid of the Vomit-Blood Fiends”
All is well when a husband and wife discuss politics over a candlelit dinner. That is, until the butler misplaces the wine.
Written and directed by R.J. Wilson
Starring Anthony Ellison, Lisa Bol, and Adam Wroblewski  



— — — — — — — — — — —

Allen Baldwin

Born and raised in Norridgewock, Maine, Allen Baldwin has been putting together films with independent flair and a DIY attitude for over a decade. After graduating from Bowdoin College, Allen moved to Portland, Maine, where he operates his own production company, Strongpaw Productions. In addition to being one of the original co-founders ofDamnationland, he has directed two feature-length films (Up Up Down Down and 12 Steps Outside) and many other short films, music videos, and documentary works.

Learn more about Allen and his work here.

— — — — — — — — — — —

Regina Bartholomew

Regina Bartholomew is a left-handed native-born Mainer who resides in a tiny house in the forests of New Gloucester with her husband and creative collaborator Marc Bartholomew. In 2003 they founded Acadia Recording Company, and after years in the audio recording business their creative passion morphed into filmmaking. They have worked together on several 48 Hour Film Projects, as well as a 13-episode documentary series called The Acadia Sessions, which focused on Maine musicians and their recording process. They are currently in production of the sixth episode of the web seriesVacationlanders. Regina’s screenwriting and directorial debut was the apocalyptic short film “Happy Motoring,” created in 2011 for the Bluestocking Film Series.

Learn more about Regina and her work here.

— — — — — — — — — — —

The Sisters Grumbling

The Sisters Grumbling grew up in Wells, Maine, where twins Amy and Emily Grumbling (Production Designer) used to shoot short films (including a musical slasher pic) with a VHS camera. Amy, Emily, and their sister Megan have since formed the Sisters Grumbling in order to find ways to collectively and creatively use their powers for good evil.

Amy Grumbling (co-director, producer) studied video production and forensic anthropology at Hampshire College. She now freelance produces and edits, co-producing the award-winning feature documentary Heaven + Earth + Joe Davis about an artist who encodes poetry into DNA and sends vaginal contractions into outer space.  She recently finished co-directing a short horror video with Coney Island Sideshow Bally Master Scott Baker, and co-produced and co-starred in the silent zombie film Silent Film Star V. The Undead.

Megan Grumbling (writer, co-director) writes poems about hoaxes, gold, and old codgers, reviews theater for the Portland Phoenix, and helps edit the Portland poetry journal The Café Review. She adapted and directed a flame-ridden Dangerous Liaisons for a site-specific performance inside an island armory, collaborated on an expressionist re-creation of the first live transatlantic radio broadcast for the 2011 Belfast Poetry Festival, and has worked on poetry with prisoners, police officers, and Buddhists.

Learn more about The Sisters Grumbling’s film “Carrying Place” here.

— — — — — — — — — — —

Kyle Rankin

Kyle Rankin is best known for winning Project Greenlight and directing Shia LaBeouf inThe Battle of Shaker Heights. Since then, he wrote and directed Infestation for Mel Gibson’s Icon, created Nuclear Family for Michael Eisner’s Vuguru, and directed the web virals Hellholes, Exhibit B-5, and Case Tape #347. He’s currently living in Los Angeles and writing an action film for Jeremy Renner’s production company. He attended York High, and is a graduate of the University of Maine in Orono.

Learn more about Kyle and his work here.

— — — — — — — — — — —

R.J. Wilson

Born and raised in Auburn, Maine, R.J. Wilson graduated from the University of Southern Maine in 2007, and, with collaborator Ross Morin, co-wrote and co-directed a feature-length horror film entitled The House on the Edge of the Pond. He now resides in Athens, Ohio, pursuing a Masters degree in Film Production at Ohio University, and is completing his thesis film, Syzygy, and a music video for Maine doom band Highfather. His films I Awoke to the Sounds of Someone Watching and Sanguinaria have both made their rounds on the film festival circuit, and his collaboration with Ross Morin Ad Noctum won Best Horror Short at the Illinois International Film Festival.



In our second year, we featured four short films and a suite of short animations that thrilled audiences in ten different theaters around Maine. Watch the trailer below, and keep reading for synopses, links, and further information about previous Damnationland films.

— Telephoto — directed by Jeffrey Griecci. A photographer sees more than she is supposed to in this country cat and city mouse tale of suspense. Watch the trailer here.

— American Waste — directed by Michael Hadley. A disturbing series of animations focusing on the gruesome and sometimes humorous everyday horror of the American dream. Watch the title animation “American Waste” here.

— Keeper’s Refrain — by Ben Kahn and Jayson Lobozzo.  Based on the legendary account of a mid-19th century lighthouse keeper and his wife, this film is about the tedium and isolation of living and working on a remote island in Maine, and also of a husband’s last great effort to change the course of his marriage. Read an article about the film here.

— Are You The Walkers? — directed by Derek Kimball. This film continues in the spirit of the traditional supernatural folktale. Two men seek to deter a creeping divergence in their friendship by retreating deep into the Maine woods for the weekend. Caught in a sudden and severe blizzard, their relationship unravels as they are visited by a voice that calls to them from the storm. Watch the trailer here.

— Forgiveness — directed by David Meiklejohn.  A vengeful spy survives an assassination attempt and takes revenge on the man who tried to kill her. Check out production photos and stills here.

— — — — — — — — — — —


Full details about all the films we screened in our inaugural program are coming soon.

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