Damnationland The Way Life Should Bleed

Damnationland presents genre-defying original works from Maine filmmakers that redefine the classic thriller and horror categories. Now in its eighth year, the 2017 Damnationland program will feature world premieres of five short films produced in Maine by Mainers, especially for the Halloween season. These are dark, surreal, and fantastic pieces, and they offer film fans an excellent sampling of the talent producing the independent film in Maine today.

This year’s crop of Maine-based talent includes short features by Mackenzie Bartlett, Tadin Brown, Alexander Balzano & Ellis Ducharme, Alex Steed, and Charlotte Warren, with interstitial segments between each piece by Derek R. Brigham, Julia Haltof, Stacey Koloski, Shannon Meserve, Melissa Salmi, and Clark Shepard.